Curbside Appointments

Your pet will experience a thorough exam while you wait in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.  Below is how the process works and what you can expect during your curbside visit:

1)  Please call us at 303-466-1764 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment.

2)  When you arrive, please call from your vehicle to let us know you are here.

3)  A team member will collect your concerns and then meet you at the door to bring your pet into the hospital.  Please make sure all dogs are on slip leashes (we are happy to provide one if needed) and all other pets are in appropriate carriers.

4)  Your veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical exam and then call you to discuss findings, recommend treatments, and answer any questions.

5)  Payment will be collected through a contactless method.

6)  A team member will meet you back at the door with your pet and any needed medications or food.

Congratulations! You just helped provide vital care to your beloved pet while reducing the risk of contagious disease.